Stefanos Tsitsipas gets brutally honest on why he fired Mark Philippoussis again

Tsitsipas parted ways with Philippoussis after the US Open and now he is working again with his father.

by Dzevad Mesic
Stefanos Tsitsipas gets brutally honest on why he fired Mark Philippoussis again
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Stefanos Tsitsipas has told critics that his father Apostolos "cannot be excluded" from his team and also revealed that he split with coach Mark Philippoussis because he felt their relationship "was a little bit off-tune in many ways." Just before the start of the French Open, Tsitsipas split with Philippoussis.

After Wimbledon, Tsitsipas re-hired Philippoussis and announced the 2003 Wimbledon finalist would be traveling with him during the North American hard court swing. After the US Open, Tsitsipas split again with Philippoussis and now he is again working full-time with his dad Apostolos.

Tsitsipas on splitting with Philippoussis, working with his dad

“My dad has always been next to me. Even when he was not there and people didn’t see him he was always there by my side digitally. He’s here to stay.

I have no intention of ever changing my dad or pushing him away. People are always going to try and create rumors or try and destroy what you have with someone that is really close to you in any way or form. He’s someone that cannot be excluded.

Mark Philippoussis is not part of the team anymore. I wanted to try with a coach and I wanted to see how that might work. It was a little bit off-tune in many ways and not having the prescient of my dad there sort of felt like I was losing part of my identity as a player.

I wasn’t able to adjust to the new form or ways or teaching or methods that were applied by Mark, who I admire and liked watching a lot on TV when I was younger," Tsitsipas told Tennis TV.

Last week, Tsitsipas kicked off his Asian swing in Beijing, where he suffered a first-round loss to Nicolas Jarry.

Now, Tsitsipas is set to compete at the Shanghai Masters, where he is the fourth-seeded player and has a first-round bye.

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