Pablo Carreno Busta stunningly details how new balls prolonged his injury recovery

Carreno Busta was out for 10 months due to an elbow injury before returning to tennis last week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Pablo Carreno Busta stunningly details how new balls prolonged his injury recovery
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Pablo Carreno Busta, 32, thinks the balls used on the ATP Tour have had something to do with him needing more time to return from an elbow injury. After picking up a Rotterdam second-round defeat in February, former world No 10 Carreno Busta took a break from tennis to address his elbow injury.

Initially, Carreno Busta didn't expect it to be a really lengthy absence. But then, Carreno Busta ended up being sidelined for eight months before returning to action at last week's Alicante Challenger. "I have been recovering and it seemed like I was doing well, but then it got worse and I had to stop again.

It has been especially hard mentally because it seemed like I would be able to compete and then I wouldn’t. I tried to come back in Indian Wells, then come back in Madrid, then in Winston-Salem, and in the end, it was last week," Carreno Busta told Punto de Break.

Carreno Busta on if the balls had any impact on his injury

Lately, ATP and WTA players have been very openly and strongly complaining about the balls used in pro tennis, with many claiming the new balls and constant ball changes are causing injuries.

According to Carreno Busta, when he started practicing for his return around the French Open, his elbow inflamed because of the new balls. "I'm sure the balls have something to do with my injury. For example, before Roland Garros I was training with some balls at the Academy to recover from the injury and it was going well, I was playing sets, and I switched to the Roland Garros balls to start training with them and after 20 minutes I had to stop because It had become inflamed again.

It is clear that the balls are very different, and the continuous change of balls has an influence. Last week we played with one brand, this week we played with another... On the Challenger circuit it is even worse, because the balls get changed more, but on the ATP circuit a lot of balls are also changed.

We don't even do two tournaments with practically the same ones. On the same Australian or clay court tour you can change the brand of balls. This influences more injuries," Carreno Busta said. This week, Carreno Busta is competing at the Malaga Challenger.

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