Sam Querrey and Ivo Karlovic - Rapid fire between booming servers


Sam Querrey and Ivo Karlovic - Rapid fire between booming servers
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Sam Querrey and Ivo Karlovic met in the 2018 New York quarter-final. Two great servers embraced a thrilling duel on the black hard court, with the American scoring a 7-6, 7-6 triumph in 79 minutes! It has been one of the fastest duels on the ATP Tour in the previous decade, as we barely see two tie break duels wrapped up in under 80 minutes.

The games were fast and fluid, with only two deuces and two break points for Querrey in the opening set. They sealed the deal with 139 points, and it was easy to miss them only by blinking! Sam served at 80%, and Ivo landed in 70% of the first serve, allowing them to play at full throttle from start to finish.

The American played a rock-solid duel, dropping six points on serve and stealing 16 return points. The returners grabbed 22 points, or under 16% of overall points! Ivo defended those two break points in two troubled games, doing everything right in the remaining ones and following the rival's pace before the tie breaks.

Ivo Karlovic and Sam Querrey played incredibly fast match in New York 2018.

The American had more winners from the field (24-14) after dominating with his forehand. Sam hit fewer unforced (7-11) and forced errors (4-5), keeping his focus at a high level in both tie breaks to bring the match home in straight sets.

They fired 73 service winners (offering a much better picture than 15-11 in aces), 39 for Ivo and 34 for Sam. It marked a crucial factor in closing the match in under 80 minutes, with no action or rally in over 52% of the points!

In addition, the scoreboard was fast and fluid. The returner failed to win more than a point in 21 out of 24 games, with 13 games kicking off with a service winner and 14 finishing identically! Just two games reached deuce when Karlovic played against break chances, denying them with service winners and keeping his initial shot intact.

They wasted no time between serves, which also reduced the time of the match, making no long breaks between the first and second serve. Almost 85% of the points landed in the shortest department with a maximum of four shots.

Sam built a 67-51 advantage, scoring the victory in that segment. Ivo grabbed 13 out of 20 mid-range points with five to eight strokes, while the only point that reached the ninth shot went to Sam's side.

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