Two great serves at 1,815 meters - let's bring tie breaks!

Christopher Eubanks and Tobias Simon played a super-fast match at the 2018 Leon Challenger

by Jovica Ilic
Two great serves at 1,815 meters - let's bring tie breaks!
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Leon Challenger gathers players to the heart of Mexico, staged at 1,815 meters above sea level. The event provides one of the fastest conditions on the Challenger Tour, with the ball flying around the court quickly due to lack of air.

Chris Eubanks and Tobias Simon played a super-fast duel in Leon five years ago, embracing two tie breaks within an hour and 25 minutes! The American grabbed three mini-breaks and delivered a 7-6, 7-6 triumph following a great battle of two giant servers.

Completing two tie breaks in 85 minutes is a challenging task. It requires as many service winners as possible and most exchanges below the fifth stroke. Also, it always helps if the games are fast and fluid, with few deuces or break chances ahead of tie breaks.

Chris and Tobias did not waste time between the serves, keeping the preparations short and embracing a fast and fluid rhythm. Eubanks claimed ten points more than Simon, prevailing and making a winning start.

Chris Eubanks and Tobias Simon fired 79 service winners in Leon 2018.

We saw four break chances and two breaks of serve in the second set.

Two rivals hit 79 service winners, landing an unreturned serve in almost half of the points. Also, we witnessed 13 double faults and constant attempts to finish the rallies as quickly as possible. Eubanks built a slim advantage in the shortest and more advanced exchanges, enough to secure the victory in straight sets.

The American had the upper hand in the pivotal moments, fending off a set point in the opening set's tie break and controlling the second tie break with an early mini-break. Staggering 88,7% of the points landed in the shortest range up to four strokes, with a vast number of service winners or successful attacks with the first groundstroke!

Eubanks and Simon relied on their serve and forehand, but we also saw entertaining slices and volleys. Only 18 points passed the fourth shot, and only one exchange saw the ninth stroke! With 79 service winners, that's the main reason for such a short match despite two tie breaks.

There were six deuces, and the returners won at least two points in 11 games, making their feat of wrapping things up in 85 minutes even more impressive. The opening set saw three deuces and no break points. Eubanks denied a set point at 5-6 in the tie break, rattling off three points and forging an early advantage.

The American broke in the second set's fourth game, serving well and moving 4-2 in front. Chris squandered three game points in the eighth game, dropping serve and bringing Tobias back to 4-4. They served well in the last four games, introducing the second tie break.

Chris grabbed an early mini-break and won all the points behind his initial shot to seal the deal and emerge at the top.

Christopher Eubanks Tobias Simon