Daria Kasatkina shares how it really feels to be around Andrey Rublev off court

Kasatkina shows her appreciation for Rublev on the Russian's 26th birthday.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daria Kasatkina shares how it really feels to be around Andrey Rublev off court
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Daria Kasatkina described Andrey Rublev as someone who "is always trying to care of others" and revealed that there is no chance anyone is paying when going out with Rublev. On Friday, Rublev turned 26 years old. Kasatkina, the top-ranked Russian female tennis player, was asked what kind a person Rublev is off the court.

“That's the guy who will never allow you to pay in any restaurant, or if you go out or to visit something. That will just not happen. He's always trying to take care of others. Andrey, he's a very simple guy. He's so open and if you approach him, he will never refuse to talk to you.

He’s a very nice, shining guy, and just a great human being," Kasatkina wrote in an email to tennis.com.

Kasatkina, Daniil Medvedev speak very highly of Rublev

Medvedev, the top-ranked Russian male tennis player, has known Rublev for a really long time - the two have known each other way before they turned pro.

Medvedev, 27, says he is particularly impressed by how Rublev treats kids. “I could say many, many things about his kindness, but if you want to choose one, I would say his attitude towards the kids. That's great because, when you're a kid, you dream the most.

I feel like when you're a kid, most of the time you have only positive experiences and I feel like Andrey’s trying to really grow this in them. I love this attitude and that's why I actually chose him to be my family," Medvedev said of Rublev.

Rublev, ranked at No 5 in the world, has his moment on the court when he gets frustrated and annoyed. But off the court, Rublev is often described as a very kind and caring soul by his colleagues. Meanwhile, Rublev is set to play in Vienna, where he has drawn Alexei Popyrin in the first round.

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