Christopher Eubanks tells about rough time after flight delay caused by bomb threat

Eubanks was scheduled to fly from Munich to Basel over the weekend.

by Dzevad Mesic
Christopher Eubanks tells about rough time after flight delay caused by bomb threat
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Christopher Eubanks had a very rough time reaching Basel as the American tennis player had his initial flight delayed due to a bomb threat and then also lost a very important piece of his luggage. Last week, Eubanks competed in Stockholm, where he was beaten by Pavel Kotov in the first round.

After an early Stockholm exit, Eubanks' plan was to get to Munich and then take a flight from there to Basel. "We traveled yesterday from Stockholm to Munich expecting to take a flight from Munich to Basel. We land in Munich only to find out that our flight into Basel has been cancelled along with almost every other flight into Basel because of a bomb threat at the airport," Eubanks wrote on X.

Eubanks took a train from Frankfurt to Basel

After the flight from Munich to Basel was delayed, one of the options that Eubanks had was to fly to Frankfurt and then take a train from there to Basel.

After a three-hour train ride to Basel, Eubanks noticed one of his suitcases was missing. For Eubanks, it was just another part of what was already a very exhausting and tiring process. "The airline agent gave us 2 options… Spend the night in Munich and fly to Basel in the morning OR fly from Munich to Frankfurt then take a train to Basel last night.

I wanted to have an extra full day in Basel to prepare so I chose option #2. That’s when things went bad... The flight to Frankfurt was easy but when we got to the train station, we see that our train has now been delayed… And delayed… And delayed.

We eventually board the train and I put my bags into the designated baggage area in our car. Two suitcases and one tennis bag... I go to my seat, get comfortable and prepare for this 3 hour train ride (it’s about 11 pm at this point and I’m absolutely exhausted) When it came time to get off at our stop, I noticed that one of my suitcases was missing...

I’m confident it was stolen off the train at one of the previous stops. Now I am without a VERY important piece of luggage for the next two weeks in Europe and there’s not much I can do about it. Another example of the not so glamorous side of pro tennis," Eubanks shared.

On Monday, Eubanks played his first-round match in Basel. Unfortunately for Eubanks, it didn't go well as he suffered a 6-7 (7) 4-6 loss to Jan-Lennard Struff.

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