Daniil Medvedev addresses issue that is pure 'physical disaster' for players

Medvedev has once again criticized the constant ball changes.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniil Medvedev addresses issue that is pure 'physical disaster' for players
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Daniil Medvedev says slow balls in combination with a slow court are "a physical disaster." Medvedev, ranked at No 3 in the world, has been complaining about the balls used on the Tour throughout the season. According to Medvedev, the constant ball changes are causing injuries.

After suffering a third-round loss at this year's Australian Open, Medvedev said the balls used caused his wrist pain and discomfort at the time. "The rule could be at least not to put slow balls on slow hard courts and perhaps slow balls on fast hard courts.

And so on, medium could be medium or fast, something like that. Because sometimes, for example here in Vienna, the balls get bigger. But the court is quite fast, so I don't think it's a big problem. The biggest problem is when it's a slow court and slow balls, it's a disaster physically.

I hope a solution can be found," Medvedev said.

Medvedev says more players complain about the same issue

During the Asian swing, numerous ATP and WTA players complained about the constant ball changes. When addressing his own displeasure with the balls, Medvedev highlighted that other players aren't happy either.

Also, Medvedev made it clear that he does not want to be playing through pain and discomfort for the remainder of his career. “Yup. I mean, it's the usual ATPs, if I'm not mistaken. They get very big, they swell a lot and, once again, I would never talk about it, if I were the only one.

I would never talk about it too much, why, what would be the meaning? If I were the only one talking about this it would be stupid. But when we are in the locker room everyone thinks the same thing. When I say everyone, maybe not 100%, but 50% yes.

And there are many. In any case, this year I am playing well and I think I can play well with these balls. But I don't want to feel shoulder pain for the rest of my life. So, I hope a solution can be found in some way,” Medvedev said. Meanwhile, Medvedev has been through to the Vienna quarterfinal after beating Grigor Dimitrov.

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