Pospisil says ATP "never cared about players", caused him a herniated disc

Vasek Pospisil: "The ATP Tour has never cared about the players"

by Claudiu Pop
Pospisil says ATP "never cared about players", caused him a herniated disc
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Following the tight schedule some ATP players had to deal with at the Paris Masters, PTPA co-founder Vasek Pospisil accused ATP for not giving players enough recovery time between matches, an issue that led him to suffer a spinal injury.

"The @atptour has never cared about the players. In 2018 I finished a 3h battle at 12:45am & was scheduled to play at 1pm next day. Not joking. All they could say was “this is within the rules”. The next day I herniated my disc after 4 games, had surgery and was out for 9 months," Pospisil tweeted.

ATP puts players' health in second place out of greed

In September, Vasek Pospisil made another accusation to ATP and the WTA for deliberately making the game slower, which in turn hurts players.

"There were discussions a few years back that the ATP/WTA wanted to “slow the game down” to have longer points for fans. The balls have been getting incrementally heavier and surprise surprise, it’s killing our bodies.

Almost every player I’ve spoken to feels the same way. I’ve never seen more wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries in the locker room. If these changes to the ball don’t start getting reversed, it’s only going to get worse.

Please start listening @atptour @wtatour. Player injuries are bad for you too," Pospisil wrote on X.

Vasek Pospisil