Pablo Carreno Busta announces surgery amid nightmare 2023 season

Carreno Busta appeared in just five tournaments this year.

by Dzevad Mesic
Pablo Carreno Busta announces surgery amid nightmare 2023 season
© Pablo Carreno Busta - Instagram

Former world No 10 Pablo Carreno Busta has had surgery on his right elbow after being plagued by the issue throughout the entire 2023 season. After appearing in just three tournaments at the start of the year, Carreno Busta took a break in mid-February to address his elbow injury.

Last month, 32-year-old Carreno Busta made his long-awaited comeback at the Alicante Challenger. After suffering a first-round loss in Alicante, Carreno Busta also competed at the Malaga Challenger - where he won his opener before losing to Mattia Bellucci in the round-of-16.

Carreno Busta's elbow seemingly didn't respond well in those tournaments and the Spaniard decided to surgically address the injury. "After a very hard year without being able to compete due to an elbow injury, I underwent surgery yesterday.

From now on it will be several difficult months of recovery to return to the @atptour. But with great desire and enthusiasm to be back on the courts and continue enjoying tennis," Carreno Busta announced on Instagram.

Carreno Busta blamed the new balls for his injury

When Carreno Busta took an injury break from tennis in February, he expected to be sidelined for a short period of time.

But Carreno Busta ended up missing the next eight months. Throughout the year, players have complained that the constant ball changes are causing various injuries. During an interview from last week, Carreno Busta suggested that the balls had something to do with his elbow injury.

"I'm sure the balls have something to do with my injury. For example, before Roland Garros I was training with some balls at the Academy to recover from the injury and it was going well, I was playing sets, and I switched to the Roland Garros balls to start training with them and after 20 minutes I had to stop because It had become inflamed again.

It is clear that the balls are very different, and the continuous change of balls has an influence," Carreno Busta recently told Punto de Break.

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