ATP Finals 2023 granted a formidable prize money

$15 million between singles and doubles: the data is something incredible!

by Lorenzo Ciotti
ATP Finals 2023 granted a formidable prize money
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The ATP Finals 2023 will guarantee the eight participants an amazing prize money. On Thursday at 3pm local time there will be the draw for the year-end Mater groups and we will find out how the best eight of the Race will compete.

The Masters Tournament, which revealed all its eight protagonists a few days ago, will be staged on November 12th and promises to be an unmissable show. The prize money up for grabs this year is incredible. A whopping $15 million between singles and doubles.

Participation in the event alone will bring into the tennis players' coffers as much as $305,000 ($140,000. Winning the group will be worth $364,000. The further you go, the more the stakes rise. A success in the semi-finals would mean earning over $1 million, plus another $2 million for a triumph in the final.

If someone were to win the tournament without suffering any defeat he would take home a monstrous sum of $4.5 million.

The eight participants

Novak Djokovic, winner of the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris Bercy, Carlos Alcaraz, who denied the Serbian the possibility of reaching the highly coveted Grand Slam, will be the two big favourites.

However, the Spanish champion, from Wimbledon onwards, seems to be going through a terrible period of physical form, and behind him is Jannik Sinner, who instead is having a great psycho-physical period. Daniil Medvedev will also be there, Jannik's opponent of a thousand battles this season.

The two faced each other 4 times in the final. 2 victories each (the Russian triumphed in Rotterdam and Miami, the Italian in Beijing and Vienna). Then there will be Andrey Rublev and Stefanos Tsitsipas. The last two entries, Alexander Zverev and Holger Rune, who officially qualified for Paris, finish in the fourth tier.

Italian tennis CEO Angelo Binaghi said about the Finals in Turin: "This edition is the crash test, the Pala Alpitour is sold out for fifteen days and it has never happened before. Crash test for who? I'm talking about transport, hotels and restaurants but in general I think this is the event largest indoor ever organized in Italy.

21 million euros in proceeds that the federation will reinvest in tennis. We are like Robin Hood, we make the rich pay and we distribute to everyone. Turin organisation? The federation has already won. Every president's dream it's having the chance to organize a world event like that, then having a tennis player who can win it. Now if anything it's Jannik Sinner's turn."

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