Nick Kyrgios vows host to do his show 'naked' if his 'ridiculous' claim is correct

Kyrgios doesn't think that recreational players can be winning points against top pro players.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios vows host to do his show 'naked' if his 'ridiculous' claim is correct
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Nick Kyrgios laughed off Rich Eisen's claim that he could get a single point against Carlos Alcaraz and vowed to appear naked next time in his show if he manages to win a point against him. Eisen, a well-known American sportscaster and radio host, hosted Kyrgios on his The Rich Eisen Show.

When Eisen told Kyrgios about him saying earlier this year that he could win a point against Alcaraz, the Australian tennis star said: "Off of Alcaraz? That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." Eisen started explaining why winning just one point against Alcaraz might be possible.

But Kyrgios was having none of that. "Djokovic, I think has beaten Federer in like a six love set before. And then Alacarz has beaten Djokovic before. So you think you can get a point? Hit his first serve at a three-quarter pace to your, I'm guessing you have a one-handed backhand because, you know you don't look like you have a two-hander," Kyrgios said.

Eisen proposes to Kyrgios that they play a match when he is healthy

Eisen proposed to Kyrgios that they meet on a court when the Australian is healthy and see if winning a point against a top pro player is possible. "I'll do this show naked next time if you get a point off me," Kyrgios said with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios is working on returning to tennis after playing just one tournament this year.

Last week, Kyrgios as a part of Tennis Channel's crew for the ATP Finals. When asked to reveal the latest in his comeback, Kyrgios underlined that he is putting up a major effort to be back as soon as possible. Also, Kyrgios revealed that he is motivated by Alexander Zverev's example.

After suffering a serious injury in 2022, Zverev made a Grand Slam semifinal this year - made the ATP Finals - and finished the year ranked inside the top-10.

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