Boris Becker slams tennis experts over international treatment of Alexander Zverev


Boris Becker slams tennis experts over international treatment of Alexander Zverev
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Boris Becker has called out tennis experts because he feels they are "not giving enough international respect" to Alexander Zverev, Daniil Medvedev, and Andrey Rublev. Novak Djokovic, ranked at No 1 in the world, is still a dominant force in the game and he is still drawing lots of attention and receiving lots of praise.

Throughout 2023, Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, and Holger Rune have also been in the center of attention, with some pushing for the 'Young Big Three' narrative. After missing the entire second half of the 2022 season due to a serious ankle ligament injury, Zverev won two ATP titles this year, reached the ATP Finals, and returned to the top-10 in the world - but the feeling is that the German's results have been a bit overlooked.

"In my opinion, he doesn't get enough respect from the tennis experts internationally. They're all talking about the young three or four, but don't give Zverev, Medvedev or Rublev enough respect," Becker said on Eurosport's podcast Das Gelbe vom Ball.

Becker on Zverev fighting not to be forgotten

Zverev, 26, has accomplished some pretty notable things like winning the ATP Finals and claiming the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics but he still hasn't won a Grand Slam. Zverev is still a top-10 player and one of the best players in the game but his name is not really mentioned when people talk about the top favorites for Grand Slam titles.

“He’s playing with his fist in his pocket a little bit, wants everyone show that he is not a thing of the past, but that his best time is yet to come," Becker said. Zverev is in his mid-twenties and the first part of his career.

When Zverev introduced himself to the tennis world in 2017 as a major talent, many expected him to win a couple of Grand Slams in the next couple of years. But that hasn't happened so far. Becker suggests that trying something may be what Zverev needs.

“Surely his father knows best what is good for his son, but if you look into the box at the competition, you can also see changes,” Becker said.

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