Mark Philippoussis tells how he avoided entering dark path after early retirement

Philippoussis was forced to retire early but remained optimistic there was still something for him.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mark Philippoussis tells how he avoided entering dark path after early retirement
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Mark Philippoussis says his family is his priority and admitted that his closest ones are the reason why he avoided entering the dark path after an injury forced him to retire at a young age. Philippoussis, now 47 years old, was one of the most promising and talented players of his generation.

But Philippoussis just couldn't escape injuries as the Australian's knee injuries started in 1999 and continued to hamper him regularly until his retirement in 2007. Just after turning 30, Philippoussis kicked off his 2007 season in the first week of the season at the Hopman Cup.

In his second match at the Hopman Cup, Philippoussis retired due to a large tear in the lateral cartilage of his right knee. That was the end of Philippoussis' career.

Philippoussis on his family helping him stay on the right path

"We were both raised that family is everything.

Family is priority. My tennis career stopped because of injury when I was 29, which is pretty young. You see a lot of athletes that get in trouble after they retire. They go out drinking. But I didn't freak out because I knew that as long as I had the people that I love around me, then I'm capable of doing anything.

I have a dream and a vision for our family: the holidays, the house we want, where we want to travel," Philippoussis told Stellar Magazine. In 2012, Philippoussis met model Silvana Lovin. The following year, they tied the knot.

Philippoussis and his 37-year-old wife have two kids and their marriage seems to be perfect. "We share the same values and are on the same page, which is what makes us work. We do everything together, and even when he's gone for a long time, because we've had such good quality family time together prior, we still feel like we're close," Philippoussis said.

Mark Philippoussis