Serena Williams' ex-coach on what will come out of Carlos Alcaraz's recent 'failure'

Alcaraz didn't win a single title after his Wimbledon win.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams' ex-coach on what will come out of Carlos Alcaraz's recent 'failure'
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Rick Macci has made a very interesting point about Carlos Alcaraz not winning anything after Wimbledon as Serena Williams' ex-coach believes the Spaniard will be "motivated by failure" and that will result in Slam wins in 2024.

By delivering a huge performance to beat Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final, 20-year-old Alcaraz improved to two Slam wins and at that point he had won six out of his 10 tournaments played in 2023. But after a highly impressive Wimbledon win, Alcaraz was triumphless in his last seven tournaments of the year.

"Was asked about @carlosalcaraz not winning a tournament in his last 7 tries. There is a fine line between winning and losing. By losing and getting slammed you are actually winning because failure will motivate, educate, stimulate and help deliver Slams in 2024," Macci wrote on X.

Macci warns Alcaraz will be 'motivated by failure'

After back-to-back early losses at the Masters events in Shanghai and Paris, Alcaraz did better at the ATP Finals, where he made the semifinals.

But in the Turin semifinal, Alcaraz didn't stand a chance against Djokovic, who defeated him 6-3 6-2. After the match, Alcaraz drew positives by saying that match gave him a clear indication on what he needed to improve in the offseason. "Well, this match helped me a lot coming into the pre-season.

Right now I know all the things I have to improve if I want to be there, if I want to beat the best player in the world. With Juan Carlos, we have to talk about the pre-season, what we have to practice, what we have to do. Obviously I'll rewatch the match to see my weakness, just to improve it and be a better player.

I will forget all the matches that I played against him, the Wimbledon final, the Cincinnati, Roland Garros, and I'm going to focus on this match because I felt like I have to improve a lot of things if I want to stay at his level. That's what I going to think in the pre-season," Alcaraz said.

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