Alexander Zverev rips tennis authorities: When are you going to listen?

Zverev responds to Lleyton Hewitt's criticism of the current Davis Cup format.

by Dzevad Mesic
Alexander Zverev rips tennis authorities: When are you going to listen?
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Alexander Zverev agrees with Lleyton Hewitt as the German tennis star is calling on the tennis authorities to "finally listen" to players and legends and make changes to the Davis Cup they would like to see. For years now, some have been criticizing the new Davis Cup format and calling for a change that would see the competition return to its past format.

One of the most vocal critics of the new format has been Australian Davis Cup team captain Hewitt, who reiterated his unhappiness with the current format after Australia's final loss to Italy in Malaga. "Malaga has put on a great event, in terms of what they can do with the format that they've got — their hands are tied.

There's no home-and-away and there's no [best of] five sets, so it's not ideal. We are playing on a surface that I'm really sick of playing on, to be honest. That's not what Davis Cup is about – it's playing on clay, grass, outdoor elements.

It's obviously pretty frustrating, I think, that we don't get all the different surfaces and conditions throughout Davis Cup anymore, and especially in the big matches, as well," Hewitt said after the Davis Cup final.

Zverev agrees with Hewitt

"When is the sport of tennis and the federations of our sport finally going to listen to us players and even more importantly to the living legends of our sport who used to give their absolute everything for the Davis Cup and what it used to stand for.

The Davis Cup is one of the most historic events in not only tennis but sports in general. Bring back the real Davis Cup," Zverev wrote in a message posted on his Instagram Story.

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Recently, ITF President David Haggerty confirmed to BBC Sport that there are no plans to return to the Davis Cup's old format. According to Haggerty, those home-and-away ties just would "not work" anymore.

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