Jimmy Connors shares advice to Holger Rune regarding criticism of his personalty

Rune is no stranger to being criticized about his personality.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jimmy Connors shares advice to Holger Rune regarding criticism of his personalty
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Tennis legend Jimmy Connors has come to Holger Rune's defense, telling the Dane to "never apologize for showing your emotions." Rune, 20, is off to a strong start to his career and he looks like someone who has the potential to do great things in the game.

While Rune is widely recognized as one of the most talented players in the game, he is also at times criticized for his on-court behavior and personality as some find the 20-year-old as "cocky and arrogant." Connors, a former eight-time Grand Slam champion, suggests being emotional is a part of Rune's game and there is nothing bad in that. "I’m gonna say this, never apologize for showing your emotions and being an emotional player.

You know, I always felt that I used that emotion to help drive me. As long as you are emotional, like my friend Ilie Nastase, he would get emotional but he would still be emotional five games later. That doesn’t work. I am very energetic and when you play with a lot of energy, you sometimes show too much emotion but again, it’s a part of the game," Connors said on the Advantage Connors podcast.

Connors tells Rune to 'never apologize for showing emotions'

This year, Rune's lone title of the year came at an ATP 250 event in Munich. During that event, Rune had an interview with a German newspaper and addressed his personality.

"Yeah, I have been a fan for a while. It has been a while since the last movie came out but I still watch it from time to time. But I would not say that I am cocky. I am very down to earth. On the court I am different than outside the court.

I just think it is because I am so passionate in what I do. I am very competitive. But when I am off the court I’m not like this, I am not cocky," Rune told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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