Andrey Rublev comments on Nick Kyrgios hilariously offering to be his mental coach

Kyrgios offered to be Rublev's mental coach after the Russian bloodied himself with racket hits.

by Dzevad Mesic
Andrey Rublev comments on Nick Kyrgios hilariously offering to be his mental coach
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Andrey Rublev reveals he thought it was "fun" when Nick Kyrgios offered to be his mental coach following his stunning ATP Finals outburst. In a moment of anger during his Turin match against Carlos Alcaraz, Rublev bloodied himself after violently hitting himself in the knee with his racket.

Rublev's meltdown left even Kyrgios shocked, who described it as "crazy" before offering the Russian to help him with his mental game. Ahead of the UTS London, Rublev was asked if he would accept Kyrgios' offer. “I saw.

Of course. That was fun, he made me smile. Nick is first of all a very talented player, one of the most talented. A player that tennis needs, so I can say only that we need him back because he brings a lot of fun to tennis and he made me smile with this comment," Rublev said, via Express-Sport.

What Kyrgios said after Rublev's meltdown?

"I mean, from someone who doesn’t hold their composure pretty well, like myself, this is crazy. I’ve never done that, to be honest. I mean, he needs a knee. He needs to move.

I hope he’s all right for his next match. Let me say that much," Kyrgios said on Tennis Channel of Rublev's outburst. Later, Kyrgios spoke highly of Rublev's 2023 season and jokingly offered to be Rublev's mental coach. "He has had a great season.

Won Monte Carlo. Look at all the past champions in Monte Carlo. It's an amazing accomplishment. He went 0-3 against some pretty tough opponents but I don't think he should go home super disappointed. I think he has made three quarterfinals this year in Grand Slams.

So I think moving to Australia, he is going to be in a good mindset. I'll come fly to wherever he is and try to help him mentally, I think I have that down," Kyrgios said on Tennis Channel.

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