Holger Rune gets brutally honest on coach Boris Becker's criminal conviction

Becker left prison last December and recently became Rune's coach.

by Dzevad Mesic
Holger Rune gets brutally honest on coach Boris Becker's criminal conviction
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Holger Rune says he personally has no issues with Boris Becker's criminal conviction as the Danish tennis star believes "it is totally wrong" if someone thinks negatively of "really good man Becker" just because the German served prison time.

In 2022, a London court sentenced Becker to two-and-a-half years in prison after the former six-time Grand Slam champion was found guilty on four charges after being accused of hiding assets after declaring bankruptcy in 2017.

Becker started serving his sentence in 2022 April and he spent eight months in a UK prison before being deported to Germany just before Christmas. Becker is now a free man and he has since returned to coaching on the ATP Tour but he is currently banned from entering the UK.

This weekend, Rune is competing at the UTS event in London and he is not accompanied by his coach Becker.

Rune on Becker's criminal conviction: He is a really good man

“I know many players that really like him. So do I.

Whatever he’s doing off the court, I don’t need to have an opinion on that because I hired him to coach me, not to do anything else. He’s a great guy. He’s a really good man. I think if people mistake him from that, it’s totally wrong, because he has a great heart and he’s a great coach," Rune said, via British paper i.

Meanwhile, Rune is thrilled with the work done with Becker since hiring him in October. Before hiring Becker, Rune was mightily struggling with his form but it all changed after he ended the German to his team in late October.

“He helped me a lot during [the end of the season] because I had the tough middle of the season with everything so it was needed that he came and we start improving again, and he’s a great guy, a great coach. We did some good work, proper training, and I’m excited for the future.

It’s more mental and tactical than technical, I would say. Of course, he has a few tips especially on the serve. He he had a great serve himself but it’s a lot of psychological," Rune said.

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