Nick Kyrgios candidly confesses how negative comments about him impacted him

Kyrgios addresses the 'bad boy of tennis' label.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios candidly confesses how negative comments about him impacted him
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Nick Kyrgios reveals being branded "the bad boy of tennis" and having all kinds of negative comments directed at him and his family members made him start doubting himself and wondering if he was indeed a very bad person.

Kyrgios, 28, received the bad boy of tennis label early in his career. In 2019, Kyrgios battled a major depressive episode and he even had suicidal thoughts at the time. On Jay Shetty's podcast, Kyrgios admitted that he wasn't happy about the label he was given because he believes that he is actually a very caring, nice and kind person.

At one point, dealing with constant criticism and scrutiny became too much for Kyrgios.

Kyrgios on how negative comments about him impacted him

"Yeah, in 2019, I've opened up about some of the darkest periods of my life.

And I just. It was so accessible, all these negative comments, you know, you go on your phone now, you open up social media, Instagram, Twitter, all this. And I just say millions of messages that were negative, negative about my family, like just things that I feel like I didn't ever really listen to, but they just went into the back of my mind and subconsciously they're just there.

And then when things start happening, you're like, maybe they're right. You start doubting yourself. And I feel like that's what I fell into was like, Oh, maybe they are right. And then I started feeling really negatively about myself and I started.

all these bad habits happening and it was impossible for me to deal with. I was 19 at the time when this all started happening and I wasn't prepared for such a, I guess such a hard time. Like I was just enjoying myself. I had normal friends and then I went from being in school to now being on the global stage in the spotlight and it was just impossible for me to deal with.

I never really dealt with it, in a healthy way at all," Kyrgios said On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Now, Kyrgios is in a much better place and he has people reach out to him to talk about their mental health issues. Over the last few years, Kyrgios has said several times that he is ready to talk to anyone who needs someone to talk to.

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