Alexander Bublik reveals area in which Nick Kyrgios is 'the best tennis has ever had'

Bublik issues a major statement on one of Kyrgios' shots.

by Dzevad Mesic
Alexander Bublik reveals area in which Nick Kyrgios is 'the best tennis has ever had'
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Alexander Bublik has the highest possible opinion of Nick Kyrgios' serve as the Kazakh has declared the Australian's serve as "the best that tennis has ever had." When Kyrgios first arrived on the Tour, it didn't take him long before he established himself as one of the best servers in the world.

Kyrgios' serve has always been one of his biggest weapons and the Australian's serve is widely recognized as one of the best in the game. Bublik, who is also known for his powerful serve, thinks Kyrgios is not only of the best servers in this era but the greatest server in tennis history. "Nick Kyrgios.

He has the best serve in the world that tennis has ever had," Bublik told Championat when asked to name the best server on the Tour.

Bublik on his public image

Like Kyrgios, Bublik is also known as one of the most entertaining players on the Tour.

Bublik is well-known for his underarm serves and tweener shots. Bublik, now 26 years old, suggests he has matured and puts actual winning ahead of entertainment. "They often say about me: a showman, a joker - this has already stuck to me over the years, because I really was like that, maybe five years ago I behaved like that.

But now it’s probably a label that I agree with to some extent. Because when I rose in the rankings, that’s how it was: I tried to do something extraordinary, rather than just win. As you get older, you realize that you no longer want to do something, that somewhere it is not interesting: I hit the between-the-legs shot so many times that the whole world saw it.

So, probably not anymore. But, of course, I love the show and I believe that tennis is, first and foremost, a game and entertainment. Now there is a similar trend within the tour: tennis is a kind of hard, sports work, a kind of work, a kind of burden.

But I don’t think so. This is a game played exclusively by the athlete. He has a team that works with him precisely because they want to have a good time and just achieve something," Bublik explained.

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