Alexander Bublik identifies 'big problem on Tour' that needs to be addressed

Bublik addresses an issue about which many players have complained throughout 2023.

by Dzevad Mesic
Alexander Bublik identifies 'big problem on Tour' that needs to be addressed
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World No 32 Alexander Bublik says the constant ball changes are indeed "a big problem" on the Tour. Throughout the entire 2023 season, ATP and WTA players publicly complained about the constant ball changes, with many claiming that it is "unhealthy" and the main reason why the number of injuries has increased in tennis.

After the US Open, the criticism only increased as ATP and WTA players more harshly spoke out against the constant ball changes and demanded changes. Bublik, who is 26 years old and is already a veteran, believes it is good that players are using their voices to speak out on the issue as that way they could potentially force the ATP to listen to them.

Bublik on the constant ball changes on the Tour

"This is a big problem on the tour - we change balls weekly. And if you play the tournament until Friday or Saturday, then you change the ball the next week. Missing Shanghai paid off - Recovered for Antwerp and won (the title).

Now everything is fine, but we try to train with the same balls. However, even here in St. Petersburg, I trained differently - not with the ones we play on tour. This is a reality nowadays. Many tennis players of different levels speak about this publicly – they write on social media and actively talk about it.

I support this 100%, because sooner or later the ATP should listen to us, but there is always the option that this may not happen and we will be forced to constantly play with different balls. And you need to get used to it," Bublik told Championat.

After heavy criticism from players, it will be interesting to see if the ATP and WTA make any ball changes in the near future. Meanwhile, Bublik had a positive 2023 season. After winning his first title last year, Bublik won two titles in 2023 - the Kazakh was a champion in Halle and Antwerp.

Also this year, Bublik achieved a career-high ranking of No 25 in the world. In 2024, Bublik will certainly be hoping to have another good season.

Alexander Bublik