Kei Nishikori gets very honest on prospect of not being able to return after injury

Just after returning to tennis, Nishikori sustained an injury again as he hasn't played since July.

by Dzevad Mesic
Kei Nishikori gets very honest on prospect of not being able to return after injury
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Kei Nishikori underlined he is still extremely motivated to play tennis but also acknowledged there is a possibility that his comeback may not happen. Nishikori, the 2014 US Open runner-up, returned to tennis in June after being sidelined for 20 months due to hip surgery and some other injuries he needed to address.

In his fourth tournament back - a month and a half after returning to tennis - Nishikori started experiencing knee issues. In the end, Nishikori ended up suffering several setbacks in his recovery and he didn't play any tournaments after Atlanta in late July.

Recently, it was reported that Nishikori likely won't be ready for the Australian Open.

Nishikori: I really want to play again but it is possible that I won't be able

"My beloved tennis and what I've achieved, that's too good to give up.

Can't feel like I have achieved great results, I still have regrets, I can't feel satisfied at all. I'm gooing 5o keep trying just because I love tennis, maybe I have never cared about how people around me feel. I'm not burned out, still hungry.

It's a matter of my body, it depends on my body at all. For me it's been all about patience for the last couple of years, just staying calm. Tennis is my biggest interest. There is a deadline, if I can enjoy playing within the time limit I may be able to end my career without regrets.

Even if my career had to come to an end due to injury, I would accept that in any way, like, my life is something like that. But I want to have a bit more fun before it ends. I'd say it's still possible that I would not be able to come back to put an end to my career, but I'm trying not to make it happen," Nishikori told Japanese media.

On December 29th, Nishikori will be turning 34.

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