Matteo Berrettini out of Brisbane: the nightmare has no end

The Italian tennis player is the victim of another injury, yet another after the 2021 Wimbledon final

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Matteo Berrettini out of Brisbane: the nightmare has no end
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Matteo Berrettini will be forced to miss the ATP 250 in Brisbane and therefore the start of the 2024 tennis season, due to a new injury. Yet another thing that has affected the Italian tennis player from Wimbledon 2021 onwards.

An endless nightmare that has irremediably brought Berrettini into a crisis that seems to have no end. The Italian tennis player has collapsed in the rankings after a series of injuries and has never looked in great condition this season.

Very little satisfaction, criticism and endless injuries, in this season, for him. Matteo will not be present at the Brisbane tournament, where he was supposed to play in the qualifiers, but where he canceled in the last few hours.

The Italian is recovering from a foot problem that he suffered during the last training sessions and has not recovered for the Brisbane tournament.

Matteo Berrettini's neverending nightmare

Not participating in Brisbane could represent an additional obstacle as Matteo soon risks dropping out of the world Top 100.

He actually loses the United Cup points and risks a lot. Matteo will return to work in these hours with the hope of recovering his condition as soon as possible. Brisbane remains a very important tournament and, above all, there is great curiosity about the return to the court of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

After a long wait, the Iberian tennis player will return to the court in these hours, he will return after a stop of almost a year and there is great curiosity about his return. A personal consideration on the sidelines: considering all the physical problems that the Italian has experienced in the last two years, it would not be the case to start from scratch, with a new team of athletic professionals who can understand what happens to ensure that Matteo suffers so many injuries one after another? Evidently there is something anomalous given the enormous number of injuries that have affected the player in the last two years.

Leaving aside all the discussion relating to his private life (which is his business, and no one should get involved, including the media), we must focus only on the technical, athletic and mental aspect. There's something not going well in Berrettini's tennis life. Isn't it time to understand where all these problems come from?

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