Another bad news overwhelms Matteo Berrettini

The Italian tennis player will officially leave the ATP Top-100

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Another bad news overwhelms Matteo Berrettini
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Matteo Berrettini will officially leave the ATP Top-100. The Italian tennis player will further collapse in the ATP world ranking, capping a negative period that has lasted since the 2021 Wimbledon final. Injuries have literally hit the career of the Italian talent hard, who still seems unable to recover psycho-physically from the problems.
An endless ordeal for the Italian, in search of physical stability to be able to continuously take part in the tournaments scheduled throughout the year, which certainly won't start in the best way.

In fact, from next Monday, Berrettini, currently No.92 in the ATP ranking, will definitively exit the Top-100. The Italian, who began working with Francisco Roig after concluding the historic collaboration with Vincenzo Santopadre, will not be able to defend the 160 points obtained at the beginning of 2023 at the United Cup and will drop to 522 points in the standings.

Looking at the ranking, Berrettini would now end up at number 123 but the real risk is of losing other places while waiting to understand if he will be at the starting line for the 2024 Australian Open.

The lest foot injury

Physical problems continue to torment the Italian tennis player, who has been forced to further postpone his return to the field on the men's circuit.

This time, according to what has emerged in recent days, it was a foot problem that stopped the Roman. The 27-year-old thus made the bitter decision to remove himself from the official entry list of the ATP 250 in Brisbane, in which he was currently out of some places to enter the main draw by right and was therefore expected to play the qualifiers from December 29th .

The flight to Australia was naturally postponed. The hope of the fans and of the athlete himself, together with the new staff, is to recover in time to present himself at the Melbourne Slam in good condition to be able to compete with the best.

There really is no peace for the Italian who, after the injuries suffered the attacks of several fans and Italian media about his private life.

Matteo Berrettini