ATP No.1 race scenario: Djokovic and Alcaraz in the decisive clash!

Carlitos will have the opportunity to collect many points in Melbourn, while Nole will have to defend last season win

by Lorenzo Ciotti
ATP No.1 race scenario: Djokovic and Alcaraz in the decisive clash!
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The Australian Open 2024 will offer the first Slam title of the season, but also the 1st spot in the ATP ranking, now led by Novak Djokovic. However, the Serbian tennis player will have to look over one's shoulder from Carlos Alcaraz's assault. The Serbian champion and the young Spaniard experienced a completely different approach to the Happy Slam. Nole participated in the United Cup, while Carlitos, after some exhibition events, concentrated on physical preparation and will return to play an official tournament directly in the Happy Slam. Djokovic suffered wrist problems and appeared in great difficulty in the match he lost against Alex de Minaur. His condition will be assessed during the first training session he will carry out tomorrow afternoon in Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic© Kelly Defina / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Carlitos missed the first part of the 2023 season due to a muscle injury and will have the opportunity to collect many points in Melbourne. However, it must be underlined that fate still remains in the hands of the Serbian champion. In fact, if Djokovic were to defend the title he won last year, regardless of the result Alcaraz achieves, he would have the certainty of confirming himself as ATP No.1 even after the Australian Slam. To at least have a chance, Alcaraz will first have the obligation to reach the quarter-finals.

Alcaraz© Graham Denholm / Stringer Getty Images Sport

In case he fails to get past the 4th round, he will in no way be able to overtake Djokovic. The same result, considering that they will respectively occupy the top and bottom part of the main draw, would instead allow Djokovic to extend his reign. A hypothetical final between the two would automatically put the 1st position in the world ranking up for grabs. Taking into account the new distribution of points in tournaments, here are all the possible scenarios based on the results that Djokovic and Alcaraz will achieve.

Novak Djokovic (11,055)

1st T: 9,065

2nd T: 9.105

3rd T: 9,155

4th T: 9,255

QF: 9,455

SF: 9,855

F: 10,355

W: 11.055

Carlos Alcaraz (8,855)

1st T: 8,865

2nd T: 8,905

3rd T: 8,955

4th T: 9,055

QF: 9,255

SF: 9,655

F: 10.155

W: 10,855