Big troubles and successes: John Millman retires and talks about his tennis life

The Australian tennis player was eliminated by Alex Molcan in the qualifiers of the first Slam of the season, thus playing his last official match of his career

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Big troubles and successes: John Millman retires and talks about his tennis life
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John Millman played the last official match of his career against Alex Molcan, in the Australian Open 2024 qualifying tournament. The Australian hoped to obtain a wild card for one last participation in the Melbourne Major, but the tournament board opted to grant direct access to the main draw to other of his countrymen, sparking the ire of many Australian fans.

Millman has gone through some rather complex moments, like when in 2013 he thought about quitting. In his latest press conference, the now former Australian tennis player expressed his feelings. "After the second shoulder surgery I wasn't entirely sure I could play tennis again. I was trying to do some work in the city without having to deal with tennis. It was probably four, five months after the surgery and we had a work party at Christmas and I realized I was pretty sad, pretty angry about things. I thought I had more potential to give and could go a little further, but there were a lot of doubts. That evening I talked to mom. I'm not the emotional type, but I was moved that night," he told.

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The last train was participation in a series of tournaments in California, financed with the last remaining savings. "If I didn't get results, it would be the end. I had no more money. I won the Challengers twice and within nine or ten months from that point, coming from no ranking, the following year I was in the top 100 in Wimbledon," Millman said.

Millman recalls his victory over Roger Federer

Among the successes of the former world number 33, we must include the only ATP title won in Astana in 2020 and the historic victory in the 4th round of the US Open in 2018 against Roger Federer. "I was down a set and 5-3. If I had lost that set we probably wouldn't be here talking about it, but I managed to turn the situation around. It was very humid, very similar to the conditions I'm used to back home in Brisbane. I probably handled them a little better that night. It also helped that, inadvertently, Roger was always very helpful towards me. I played with him several times after facing him in Brisbane, where we had a good match. It's still Roger, one of your heroes, but maybe that aura wasn't there just because I was a little more familiar with him," he explained.

Millman interrupted his run in the second qualifying round of the Australian Open, as mentioned, surrendering as mentioned to the Slovakian tennis player with a score of 6-4 6-3. The 34-year-old from Brisbane took stock of his career, returning to the happiest moments and the difficulties faced.

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