Dominic Thiem has chosen his future: the Rafael Nadal Academy

The Austrian tennis player is trying to regain physical form and confidence after the serious wrist problem that affected the last three years of his career

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Dominic Thiem has chosen his future: the Rafael Nadal Academy
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What's in Dominic Thiem's immediate future? The Austrian tennis player, former winner of the US Open, is struggling to get back to being competitive, after the serious injuries that affected the last three years of his career.

And now a very important and delicate moment for Dominic Thiem's career awaits him. In the last three seasons, Dom has been unable to perform at a very high level against top players due to a serious wrist injury.

So let's go back to the question with which I opened the article: what's in Thiem's immediate future? There is the Rafael Nadal Academy.

The Austrian tennis player will train for the upcoming clay season, with the aim of finding the best possible shape to face and earn as many points as possible in the tournaments in Szekesfehervar, Zadar and Naples.

Thiem carried out special training against Rafa's cousin, Joan Nadal, and then found himself facing the Jordanian Abdullah Shelbayh in recent days. And meanwhile, the winner of a Slam title officially separated from coach Benjamin Ebrahimzadeh after the defeat at the Australian Open.

"I really want to get closer to number 60-70 in the ATP ranking and plan the next tournaments better, because at the moment it's really tough. Every ATP 250 is very difficult to face," said Thiem in a recent press conference.

Dominic Thiem
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Either the come back or the future hangs in the balance for Thiem

In front of the media the Austrian shocked the fans, putting his future in the balance too.

"I see this 2024 as a last chance, if I can I can turn around quickly. I've been back for two years since my injury, in 2022 I finished as number 100 and in 2023 I finished the ranking at position 98. If I finish the year in these areas again, I have to understand if it's still worth it," he analyzed .

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