Watch: Christopher O'Connell & Martin Damm get into it: 'I don't care... So what?'

O'Connell confronted Damm during their Miami Masters third-round match.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Christopher O'Connell & Martin Damm get into it: 'I don't care... So what?'
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Australian tennis player Christopher O'Connell and rising American star Martin Damm got into it during their Miami Masters third-round meeting as the Australian took an issue with what he believed was the American's purposeful attempt to disrupt him on his serve. 

After serving an ace to win one of his service games, world No. 66 O'Connell confronted 204th-ranked Damm. 

“What are you doing? What are you doing? Right before I serve you’re yelling out," 29-year-old O'Connell was heard saying, after which 20-year-old Damm asked: "What?"

O'Connell continued: "Before I serve. I don’t really care if you do it after a point, but if you do it right before I serve..."

Damm bluntly responded by asking “So what? I'm not doing anything."

Chair umpire Fergus Murphy tried to de-escalate the situation, saying: “All of this is better if you come through me... It’s not good if you… Stop talking. It’s not good if you talk to each other… Chris, Chris, Chris!”

Their discussion ended with Damm dismissing O'Connell's claims one last time: “You’re holding the balls. The balls in your hand, you’re holding them. It’s not when you’re serving.”

O'Connell beat Damm after the incident 

After complaining about Damm's behavior, O'Connell managed to move past the incident and edge out Damm in two tight sets 7-6 (5) 7-6 (5).

Christopher OConnell
Christopher OConnell© Getty Images Sport - Kelly Defina

In the first set, O'Connell saved three break points in the seventh game and also saved a set point on his serve in the 12th game to force a tie-break. in which he and Damm were tied to five points apiece before he won the next two points to win a very tight opener.

After a first set without any breaks, the first break of the match was finally seen in the seventh game of the second set when Damm broke O'Connell for a 4-3 lead. Leading 5-3, Damm had two set points on O'Connell's serve but failed to convert before also failing to serve out for the second set in the 10th game as the set ultimately went into another tie-break. 

Damm paid the price for not converting on his big opportunities as O'Connell opened a 6-3 lead in the second-set tie-break before realizing his third match point to seal a two-set win over Damm.

O'Connell plays next against Jannik Sinner.