Andy Murray could play the Roland Garros

The Scot would like to bring forward the time to return to the court as soon as possible, after the serious injury a few weeks ago

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andy Murray could play the Roland Garros
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Andy Murray would like to try to return to the court at the upcoming Roland Garros, after the serious injury suffered a few weeks ago. And precisely regarding the Scot's decision, new and important updates have arrived from journalist James Gray.

In an article written for, Gray revealed that Murray's main goal is to play both singles and doubles at the Roland Garros.

The former ATP No.1 is training on clay to prepare for the second Slam of the season and try to gain some confidence with the Bois de Boulogne courts which will host the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, another great goal of his (Murray has already won two Olympic gold medals, in London 2012 and Rio 2016 - ed.).

Murray could play doubles at the Roland Garros alongside countryman Daniel Evans. If he were to participate in the Olympics, however, his doubles partner would have to change: with him in the Olympic tournament there should be the expert Joe Salisbury

Murray came back to practice on the court

Murray returned to hitting the ball on the court last April 19, after suffering a serious ankle injury in the final part of the match (then lost in the tie-break of the deciding set) against Tomas Machac at the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray© Al Bello / Staff Getty Images Sport

On that occasion, the Scot suffered a total rupture of the talofibular ligament and a lesion of the calcaneofibular ligament. A new injury that has complicated plans for what should be his last tournaments on the circuit.

In fact, Murray anticipated that it will be difficult to see him still on the court on the ATP Tour at the end of next summer.

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