Watch: Alexander Zverev ripped over 'club-level cheating' in French Open coin toss

Least to say, Zverev made a surprising move during a coin toss versus Alex de Minaur.

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Alexander Zverev ripped over 'club-level cheating' in French Open coin toss
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Alexander Zverev pulled off a weird move just before the start of his French Open quarterfinal match versus Alex de Minaur that left some accusing the German tennis star of "a dirty club level cheating" during a coin toss. 

When asked by chair umpire Damian Dumusois to pick either the ball or the racket side of the coin toss, Zverev picked the ball. And after the coin landed and Zverev picked it up, it was revealed that it fell on the racket side. 

"You tell me, Alex," chair umpire Dumusois told de Minaur.

But Zverev interjected by saying: "No, I said racket."

Dumusois then proceeded to ask Zverev if this was really the case, to which the German responded with a "Yes" before turning to de Minaur and telling him: “But if you want to go, you go. I’ll receive."

Zverev catches heat for the coin toss incident 

In the end, de Minaur ended up serving the opening game of the match and holding to his serve. But Zverev's action landed him some heat. 

“How is Alexander Zverev getting away with dirty club level cheating in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros?” Canadian tennis commentator Ben Lewis asked. 

But for Zverev, it was a great day on the court as he claimed a 6-4 7-6 (5) 6-4 win over de Minaur to make his fourth consecutive French Open semifinal.

Alexander Zverev
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After losing the match, de Minaur admitted that losing the second set - the set in which he had a set point and a 5-3 lead in the tie-break - cost him. 

"Had my chances. Probably should have taken that second set. I left my heart out there. Did everything I could," de Minaur said after the loss to Zverev.

It was the 10th meeting between Zverev and de Minaur as the German now owns an 8-2 head-to-head versus the Australian.

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