Jannik Sinner was very unlucky at Wimbledon

In these minutes it was officially announced the draw for the Wimbledon draw

by Simone Brugnoli
Jannik Sinner was very unlucky at Wimbledon
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In these minutes it was officially announced the draw for the Wimbledon draw and surely we can say it did not go well to the Italians and above all it came our worst nightmare.

Jannik Sinner vs Matteo Berrettini, not in the first round but eventually in the second, a derby between two of our best players (probably the best two on grass) that we all hoped for as late as possible.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Patrick Smith / Staff Getty Images Sport

Jannik Sinner is the most awaited man, number one seed and will debut in the Wimbledon against the German Hanfmann and eventually in the second round there is the Italian derby. It is not easy to say since Berrettini will face the Hungarian Fucsovics in the second round, not an easy task then.

In the third round, Jannik’s opponent Griekspoor, who also faced Griekspoor in Halle and who often caused trouble for him, could still face Griekspoor. Sinner has always won but suffering and for a third round is not easy.

Many dangers for Jannik Sinner

Eventually in the Round of 16 Jannik Sinner could catch Shelton, the American who makes the service one of his best weapons or the Chilean Nicolas Jarry, not easy despite the surface. In the quarter-finals it is relatively better because Sinner avoided Hurkacz (the Polish could face him again only in the final) and Jannik could face Daniil Medvedev in the quarterfinals, seedhead number five but that still does not represent an insurmountable obstacle on grass.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Getty Images Sport - Thomas F. Starke

The most awaited match could still arrive in the semifinals with the re-match of the semi-final at Roland Garros between Sinner and Alcaraz, the blue hopes this time to have the best. Compared to Paris where Alcaraz started clearly favored is quite different the situation with the two who start almost on equal terms, despite the Spanish is the reigning champion.

Watch also the American Tommy Paul, opponent who could face Alcaraz in the quarterfinals and that often created big pitfalls. In the final everything will depend on the condition of Novak Djokovic, just twenty days ago.

The Serbian returns immediately, his calendar at least at the beginning is not complicated but he will have on his way to the final as Hurkacz and eventually Zverev in the semifinals. Attention in this part of the scoreboard also to Draper, protagonist of an excellent run on the grass.

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