Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Defends Andy Murray: ´If Rosol Had done That to Me...´

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Defends Andy Murray: ´If Rosol Had done That to Me...´

Lukas Rosol is making himself a name on the ATP World Tour, and not in a good way. The Czech hasn't been able to make many friends on the tour, all because of his bad temper. In fact, Lukas just finds it very hard to accept a defeat, and finds a way to make it into a personal one-man show of anger, swears, just to make his opponents nervous on court.

Last time something like this happened was just last week, when Rosol was being beaten by Andy Murray and suddenly decided that to bump into Murray's shoulder with his, in a clear attempt of showing masculinity and competition was indeed a good idea.

Take a look at the VIDEO: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga decided to talk about the feat and his words clearly and not so surprisingly reveal how the French is on Murray's side in the tirade: "It is all part of tennis.

We don't fight in the locker-room and that explains why there could be some tension between some of us on the court. If Rosol had done what he did to Murray to me, well the situation could have become dangerous, but it is something I can't really predict..." More masculinity kicking in it appears.

So Jo is on Andy's side, because obviously Rosol showed a lack of sportsmanship and negligence to accommodate genuine rules of self-respect as well as others'. But remember, Tsonga would have reacted, just to be clear...

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