Josè Acasuso: ´Rafael Nadal Would Only Have Half His French Open Titles if...´

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Josè Acasuso: ´Rafael Nadal Would Only Have Half His French Open Titles if...´

One of the most powerful Argentine tennis player, Jose "Chucho" Acasuso, talked about his life off the court, his childhood as a tennis player, and expressed his thoughts and point of view to on the moment of Juan Martin Del Potro, and the golden age of today's tennis.

Acasuso had to retire due to physical problems, but in the meantime he had already thought about what to do after the retirement. "I played my last tournament in June 2011, but I officially retired in February 2012, when I held a press conference.

People keep asking me if I continue to play. Well, I look at what I won: Davis, for example. I would go back to travel a bit, remember the positive things of the circuit. I wrote a note to not forget anything. When I wrote it, I was quiet, but when the day to read it in front of all came, it was inevitable and excited to have breaks between one period and another.

I took advantage of the tournament in Buenos Aires to announce it and got prepared to fight boredom and to have fun without tennis. Nowadays I work in a company that coordinates sporting events and contacts with them, we organize sports exhibitions, contracts with sponsors, and in truth I am very happy.

" About the difficult moment of Juan Martin Del Potro, Jose said: "I'll say something that sounds strange, but I think that winning the US Open too early, it had affected him. Win the US Open at 20-21 years and they tell you that you would become number one, these are very heavy statements.

You have to be very down to earth to make sure that this does not affect to you. Those are hard targets to achieve, especially when you have to face the rivals competing now. We really hope he can soon come back to play." IN THE NEXT PAGE ACASUSO TALKS ABOUT RAFAEL NADAL AND NOVAK DJOKOVIC