Did Rafael Nadal Refuse To Play Against Nick Kyrgios?


Did Rafael Nadal Refuse To Play Against Nick Kyrgios?

The toxic fallout regarding Nick Kyrgios controversial comments is continuing after Rafael Nadal refused to play in the doubles match with Kyrgios at the star-studded Nike New York exhibition. According to a source in The New York Post, Nadal was ‘reluctant’ to play in a doubles match with Kyrgios.

Due to Nadal’s feelings, the schedule of the exhibition was changed to Nadal playing in a singles match against another Australian, Lleyton Hewitt. The two players were taking part in the Nike 'Street Tennis' event in New York which also included players such as Serena Williams, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer.

It was reported that the combined net worth of all the players involved in the event was a staggering $1.1bn!! Following Kyrgios on-court remarks about Stan Wawrinka’s girlfriend, Donna Vekic, the ATP handed the 20-year-old with a suspended 28-day ban.

If he conducts any misbehaviour within the next six months he will be banned for 28 days. In addition, he was also fined $25,000 on top of his earlier $10,000 fine. The day after the controversial Stan Wawrinka-Nick Kyrgios match on August 13th, Nadal was asked by the media about the incident.

He was wrong yesterday. I hope he's able to recognize his mistake, and I hope he's able to change his attitude that sometimes in the court is necessary if you want to be in the tour. He has time to improve that attitude".

Nadal said. Whilst Kyrgios has said that he wants to move on from the incident, the person he made the comments about (Donna Vekic) has blasted the ATP for not outright suspending the player. 'He didn't get suspended. It's ridiculous.

No more comment on this.' She said.

Kyrgios is conducting last minute training ahead of the upcoming US Open which begins on Monday. Prior to flying to New York, he has been training in the Bahamas which included a series of boxing sessions with his new mentor Lleyton Hewitt.

A video of the two player table tennis was uploaded earlier this week.

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