Stan Wawrinka: ´I Am Not Trying to Copy Roger Federer With the SABR´

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Stan Wawrinka: ´I Am Not Trying to Copy Roger Federer With the SABR´
Stan Wawrinka: ´I Am Not Trying to Copy Roger Federer With the SABR´ (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Stan Wawrinka played impressive tennis on his way to defeating Kevin Anderson in straight sets in US Open quarter-finals on Wednesday, breaking the South African great server an outstanding total of five times, winning the last set without losing a single game.

Stan was also seen trying to play the SABR return, invented by Roger Federer in Cincinnati. Considering how SABR stands for Sneaky Attack By Roger, maybe for Wawrinka the name should be changed into SABS, but the French Open champion wanted to make it clear that he is not trying to copy his compatriot, but rather to improve his game.

"I have to see how close I was to the line, sure I am not at Roger"s level yet. I am not trying to do what he does, that"s not what I am trying to do. You know, over the years I always looked at the top guys, Roger, Novak, Rafa, check what they do to improve and how they can improve their game so well to be dominant.

I always try to see why they are so good. That"s what I don, I am not trying to do what Roger does, but rather see what he does to improve his game. For sure if we look at the way Roger is doing it it"s pretty impressive. He now almost does that return against everyone.

I saw Roger returning in Cincinnati against Anderson and I was surprised by how close he was returning. But against Anderson is always a good thing to come closer to hit the return. I was trying to get closer to the line to take time away from him" explained Stan to the media in New York.

The last time Roger and Stan played against one another in a Grand Slam was just few months ago, when Stan impressed at the French Open winning in straight sets and then going on to win the title. "Over the past three years I have got closer to him for sure," said Stan about Roger Federer "I think my level has improved a lot.

I play much better tennis now. So I think lately I have been very close to him, even at Wimbledon when I lost last year. I will for sure need to play my best tennis. It is going to be a big challenge. I think I am ready for it". IN THE NEXT PAGE STAN TALKS ABOUT THE NEXT MATCH AGAINST ROGER FEDERER --->

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