Stan Wawrinka: ´Roger Federer Has the Tennis to Beat Djokovic in the Final´

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Stan Wawrinka: ´Roger Federer Has the Tennis to Beat Djokovic in the Final´

Roger Federer beat Stan Wawrinka in straight sets in the 2015 US Open semi-finals. Meeting with the press soon after the defeat, Stan was disappointed, but also tried to see the bigger picture. Wawrinka praised his friend and compatriot and also reflected on his amazing Slam season.

"Roger was playing very fast, I didn’t play my best game, didn’t serve too well. Is just the way Roger is playing, that is all you can say. Roger relaxes when he takes the break, so everything moves even faster on the court.

I tried my best, I gave all I had. But I couldn’t be aggressive from the baseline as my serve wasn’t helping me, it wasn’t very good. He was simply too good. He was better than me today." said Wawrinka to the journalists in Interview Room number one in Flushing Meadows.

Stan continued to talk about Roger's serve, which was once again very impressive. "Before playing him I saw him playing in Cincinnati. He is moving fast, he is aggressive, he is serving very well, I think he serves very well, sure he served better than me tonight.

Roger is being very aggressive, he stays literally on the baseline. He used to play more on the baseline, but now he moves forward, keeps coming at the net, plays more aggressive than he used to. Even when he is defending he is inside the court." Stan tries to see the positive for his Grand Slam season.

"I need to see the bigger picture. I made it to the semis without playing my best tennis. Looking at my results in the Slams this year i couldn’t have asked for more. It is amazing." said Stan. IN THE NEXT PAGE STAN TALKS ABOUT FEDERER AND HIS CHANCES IN THE FINAL ---->