ATP - Tennis experts react to Murray Lendl partnership

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ATP - Tennis experts react to Murray Lendl partnership

The tennis world is abuzz with news that world no. 4 Andy Murray has hired Ivan Lendl as his coach who he hopes will help him win his first Grand Slam In November, Lendl told the Daily Telegraph: “Andy is a great player and I still believe he is going to win his fair share of majors.

He’s been steadily improving over the years, and was a bit unlucky that he ran into Djokovic this year at the Australian who was just on top form." From former British player and broadcaster Andrew Castle said: "2 strong personalities.

Lendl a workman on court, got 100% from himself. Hasn't done this before. Brave move from both." Daily Mail’s tennis writer Mike Dickson said; "Lendl is a fascinating, strong and surprisingly amusing character.

I think we can assume that the shouting at the box will be curtailed." London Times Neil Harman said : "Murray went to see Lendl in Florida the week before last and the deal was obviously done at that time. A truly remarkable start to 2012." British tennis correspondent Simon Cambers said: "Lendl untested as a coach but is a strong personality, no doubt think [Murray’s] technique is there, it's having belief to do the right things at right times, in big matches.

On the other hand, it's a big leap of faith that Lendl will be a great coach." Lendl won 8 slams in his career and was one of the top players in the 1980s. Murray has reached 3 slam finals but has yet to make a breakthrough on the big stage.