Fabio Fognini splits up with his coach Jose' Perlas

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Fabio Fognini splits up with his coach Jose' Perlas

It was probably in the air the separation between Fabio Fognini and his Spanish Josè Perlas. A negative season saw him almost leaving top 50, and also it seems Fabio needs to have new motivations and to hear a new voice.

Fognini himself announced it on Twitter: 'He helped me to improve as tennis player and man', wrote the Arma di Taggia Native, that under Perlas's guide won four ATP Titles: Stuttgart and Hamburg 2013, Vina del Mar 2014 and Umag this year. 'After five years of work together I decided to change path and to try something new, a new bet with myself.' 'Josè will forever be a point of reference and my second father', said Fabio adding he's looking forward to the 2017 season.

We will see who is going to be his new coach and if he is going to keep practicing in Spain or return in Italy. Probably Perlas will soon start to work with a new player. He always coached good players that thanks to him have been very successful, including Fognini who was World No.

13 in 2014.

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