Tomas Berdych and Philipp Kohlschreiber out of Shenzhen

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Tomas Berdych and Philipp Kohlschreiber out of Shenzhen

Bjorn Borg's tormented life is one of the things that influenced his career as tennis player the most with three weddings and several love stories. Mariana Simionescu was the first Swedish legend's wife, they got married in 1980 four years after meeting each other in 1976 in Paris when Mariana was a tennis player, she achieved a career high ranking at No.

36. Interviewed by The Mirror, she openly spoke about her beautiful relationship with Bjorn. 'He is the love of my life. I don’t know if I was the real love of Bjorn’s life, but he was for me.' Recalling the beginning of their relationship, Mariana added: 'That was the best ever.

For Bjorn and for me. It’s like you’re dreaming, you’re flying. Bjorn was very, very sweet. Everything was nice about him because he was a very shy person, but I knew how to bring out his emotions.' Mariana soon started to follow Bjorn all over the World, and for sure Wimbledon, where Borg triumphed for five times in a row, was a very special tournament for them.

'I was really nervous, but I knew exactly when Bjorn would look at me, and when he did I was like a statue. Otherwise, I was smoking like a chimney, one after the other, showing how nervous I was. The McEnroe family was smoked out by me.

John’s father once told me he couldn’t stand the smell.' In the last weeks many people spoke about Borg's rivalry with McEnroe, as a film about them is being released out in many countries of the World.

The 11-time Grand Slam champion said a good job was done, and Mariana thinks so too: 'It’s such a good movie. This guy playing Bjorn is unbelievable. When they came to Monaco to film, I went and saw Sverrir [Gudnason].I couldn’t move.

I thought he was young Bjorn and the clock had stopped. I grabbed his cheek to see if he was real.' ALSO READ: Borg: 'Everyone wants to see Nadal and Federer in doubles' .