Ryan Harrsion opens up about the Donald Young incident!

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Ryan Harrsion opens up about the Donald Young incident!

Ryan Harrison and Donald Young were recently involved in a big controversy with the latter accusing Harrison of passing racial remarks. Harrison though denied all charges and the ATP also found that he wasn’t guilty for the same.

"Unfortunately, the audio recording on the match footage did not pick up verbal exchanges between the players," the ATP statement said. About the incident, Harrison said, "There was never a doubt in my mind that anything I said could even be close to interpreted that way," Harrison said on the podcast of the racial slur accusations.

"Every bit of evidence proved that what I said was exactly what I said it was the whole time, it was just in conversation—not nice conversation between Donald and I, but it was not racial." Following this fight, Harrison says he has not spoken to Young, "Donald took to social media to try and smear my name and basically assassinate my image just to try to get back at me for what’s been a series of tough matches against me," Harrison said.

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