A former Top 80 player will miss the rest of 2018 due to wrist surgery

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A former Top 80 player will miss the rest of 2018 due to wrist surgery

A talented 27-year-old German Cedric-Marcel Stebe has never been able to show his full potential, plagued with numerous inuries that forced him to skip almost all the action between September 2013 and March 2016, starting all over after barely holding the position in the rankings. He won six Challenger matches in 2016 to finish inside the Top 500 and everything looked fine again last year,scoring six ATP wins and reaching four Challenger finals, his first on that level since 2013.

Also, he cracked the Top 100 for the first time since 2012 and goals were even bigger in the upcoming 2018. He was forced to retire against Andrey Rublev in Doha while Maximilian Marterer defeated him in the first round of the Australian Open, in what turned out to be the last match of the season for the German.

Injury was his main rival once again and he had to undergo a right wrist surgery on February 28 that sidelined him from the court once again. At the end of April, Cedric-Marcel hit the court once again but he couldn't make a full recovery and enter at least some Challenger event.

On Friday, Stebe shared more terrible news with his fans, being forced to undertake another right wrist surigery, five months after the previous one. Staying positive and motivated, Cedric-Marcel is most probably done with tennis for this season but he is eager to make a comeback in 2019 and continue where he left last yaer, as he certainly belongs into the Top 100 when he is capable to play injury-free.

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