All four Grand Slam will remain with 32 seeds in 2019

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All four Grand Slam will remain with 32 seeds in 2019

In November last year, the Grand Slam tournaments had decided to reduce the number of seeds in singles draws from 32 to 16 in 2019, as it was prior to Wimbledon 2001. Still, the Grand Slam Board has changed the decision at the meeting during the US Open and it decided to halt the changes, keeping the current system with 32 seeds in 2019 as well. The Grand Slam Board is responsible for the coordination and management of activities of mutual interest to the four Grand Slam tournaments and it is there to regulate Grand Slam tournament rules, regulations and code of conduct at the biggest tennis tournaments.

After a lot of thinking and received feedback from the players themselves and the other parts of the tennis industry, they have decided to avoid the changes, even though they would have brought more interesting matches right from the opening rounds, with the possible clash of the Top 20 players already in the first round.

The everlasting formula with 16 seeds was abolished at Wimbledon 2001 in order to offer a bigger chance to those who are ranked inside the Top 30 but not that familiar with the grass surface and this changed the Grand Slam draw for good, making a huge change as the favorites had even easier draws.

The full statement from the Grand Slam Board:

"As always, various 2019 Grand Slam Rule amendments and proposals were considered. Specifically, the GSB revisited its earlier-stated intention to revert to 16 seeds in 2019.

Following a full year of Grand Slam match analysis and feedback from all constituencies, especially players and broadcast partners, the Grand Slam tournaments have decided there is no compelling reason to revert to 16 seeds.

Accordingly, all 2019 Grand Slam tournaments have agreed to continue with 32 seeds in singles."

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