Kyle Edmund: 'I played great against Jarry, feeling strong and confident'

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Kyle Edmund: 'I played great against Jarry, feeling strong and confident'

"The match against Jarry was good. I have been here two-and-a-half weeks now, so I'm used to conditions, feel comfortable with it. Not just comfortable, like, expressing myself and playing aggressively. Five matches in the Challenger helped last week with my confidence, in my game, and on my body.

Today was just about managing expectations. I know I've been feeling good and winning the challenger, so I was telling myself not to expect to come out and play well but compete harder than.. you know, try and compete hard and earn the victory rather than just playing well.

I ended up playing well, seeing the ball well, reading his serve good. When you don't play, sometimes it's a little bit out of your control. The body is a funny thing. You can help it and speed it up slightly, but there is only to a point you can speed up things.

So you have to let it work itself out and heal itself. So, yeah, after Australia, I was entered into Rotterdam, Marseilles, and decided to pull out after two tournaments to then give me about six weeks' training. Ended up training for about five weeks doing a training block, and it just really helped with the strength, robust of my body, and the cardio, as well.

It's something I couldn't do before. Australia was a lot of cardio work just because you can't put the load through the body because of the knee. So I did a lot of good things. You know, gave me confidence coming in. It was good to show that."