ATP - John Newcombe hits out at Bernard Tomic

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ATP - John Newcombe hits out at Bernard Tomic

John Newcombe is the latest Australian tennis personality to hit out at Bernard Tomic. Newcombe told the Australian media that the 20 year old needs to become more focussed on his his game and fitness in order to scale up the rankings ladder.

''Bernie's out in the real world now and I don't think he's come to that conclusion,'' Newcombe said. ''He might have to hit rock bottom first and fall out of the top 100. That can easily happen.

'Unless he's prepared to devote 100 per cent of time and effort to becoming as good as he could become, it doesn't matter who his coach is. It's going to fall apart." "The answer to Bernard is Bernard.

Until [he] makes a decision on what he's willing to do and draws a line in the sand and knuckles down, he's not going to fulfil his full potential. I'm not sure also if he realises that his game has become predictable.

He had a different type of game that worked when he came on to the scene and guys had trouble dealing with it. Now they've figured out what he can and what he can't do. They're probing that and it's making Bernie very uncomfortable in his matches, not realising a way out of that.'' ''Then he can start developing a more powerful game.

He can volley well; he should be spending more time at the net. But if you're not 100 per cent fit, that's hard to do. And if your mobility is not great, that's hard to do. If I was giving him advice, I'd say go and find the best physical trainer in the world and go and spend three months getting yourself really fit.

He's got to work harder physically than the smaller guys to get that big frame around the
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