Dimitrov is no longer “baby Federer”. Fan finds out on his own skin

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Dimitrov is no longer “baby Federer”. Fan finds out on his own skin

Dimitrov reacted angrily to a fan who called him “baby Federer” while he was preparing to serve in a tensioned moment of the Wawrinka clash. Wawrinka was leading 7-6, 6-5 and Grigor was bouncing the ball on the ground when a supporter decided to encourage him and shouted: “Come on, baby Federer!” The Bulgarian was heavily disturbed couldn’t hold himself up to give a response to the fan: “Do I look like a baby to you?” The cheer of the fan happened when Dimitrov was leading 30-15 in the 12th game of the second set, so it was a very tensioned moment.

Grigor managed to make it 6-6, but Wawrinka won the tie-break 7-4 going two sets to none before the match was interrupted due to darkness. Why did the fan call him like that? Because “Baby Federer” was Dimitrov’s nickname at the beginning of his career and some people still recall that when picturing him.

He was called like that because of his tremendous one-handed backhand which is comparable, in some ways, to the Swiss legend’s one. However, Grigor wanted to get out of Roger’s shadow and tried with all his might to do that.

Here is what he said after he defeated Andy Murray in the 2014 Wimbledon: "When I started to establish myself on the tour, the Federer thing was starting to get a bit out of hand. I think now it is starting to fade away.

I've proved over and over again that I'm a different person, a different player”. Three years later, he managed to become the third best player in the world.