Nick Kyrgios refuses to shake hands with "potato" umpire

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Nick Kyrgios refuses to shake hands with "potato" umpire

Nick Kyrgios refused to respect the tennis code and did not shake hands with his old enemy - umpire Fergus Murphy -, at the end of his 6/4, 7/6 victory over Gilles Simon in the first round of Washington Open. The controversial Australian was leading 6/4 in the second set’s tiebreak and serving for the match.

He missed both his first and second service, but what stretched Nick’s nerves was the fact that he asked for a challenge on his second serve and umpire Fergus Murphy didn’t notice it. This double fault had Simon serving to save the match, but unfortunately for him, he hit the ball in the net right after a not so impressive return from Kyrgios.

The Australian won the match, but he was more concerned by the way he was refereed than to enjoy the taste of a well-fought victory. He even called the umpire a “potato with arms and legs" for his way of handling the match.

Nick congratulated his opponent, but then he headed straight to his bench instead of respecting the rules of sportsmanship and shake hands with the umpire. Seconds after, Kyrgios told the umpire what bothered him. Coincidence or not, Fergus Murphy is not on his first clash with the Australian showman’s volcanic personality.

In this year’s Queens tournament, Kyrgios claimed – in his match against Carballes Baena -, that one of his opponent’s second serves was an out after he missed a set point. “Bro, you are taking the f***ing piss mate? The ball was this far out, no joke.

No joke. What are you doing? It’s so far long. What are you doing? Like, what are you actually doing up there? It was this far out. Bro, it’s taking the piss. I refuse to play”, Nick told the umpire. Even if Kyrgios won both matches mentioned above, Nick has been crossing the line of sportsmanship and proved himself once again as a tennis rebel.