Nick Kyrgios holds his fire under control after insulting ATP

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Nick Kyrgios holds his fire under control after insulting ATP

In his US Open second-round victory against Hoang, Kyrgios accepted to fold his collar because of the message written on it and managed to not blow up at the umpire when he felt he was treated unfairly. At the start of the match, Nick Kyrgios appeared with a collared-up Nike t-shirt that featured the message ‘Just Do You’ instead of the sports apparel company’s well-known slogan of ‘Just Do It’.

The Aussie was requested to fold the collar, but he refused to do it until a supervisor had a brief talk with him. The collar came down seconds after the discussion and without any tantrums from Nick’s side. “I think they thought it was a slogan, but it wasn't.

It wasn't anything to do with a marketing thing. It was just a design issue. I think they must have read it wrong. I think they thought it said Just Do It, like the slogan. It was actually Just Do You. I think it was a mix-up. It's all cleared up now.

I can wear that. I can wear the collar up”, Nick described the officials’ issue. The Australian bad boy even recognized that the supervisor was wrong, but he folded it anyways. “I mean, it was just like a little bit of a thing I was going to do with Nike, just a little bit of a design type thing.

I mean, yeah, that's it really. I mean, I knew that the supervisor was wrong when I was out there. I mean, but I just folded my collar down”, Kyrgios confessed. Nick had a slight dispute with the umpire as well. The umpire accepted a challenge from Hoang after he said ‘game’.

Kyrgios objected, but the Aussie settled down after the referee told him the rules allow the challenge in such cases. “I did win the game. He called game. My opponent challenged once the umpire called game. I just thought that wasn't right”, clarified Kyrgios.

In his first round at US Open, Kyrgios said that ATP is corrupt, but shortly afterward he released a statement that pointed out the fact that he went too far with his words. Maybe Kyrgios found a way to handle himself better after his attack to ATP or maybe this is just an attempt to not get fined again by the board. It remains to be seen.