Rod Laver: 'Suspension might be the only solution for Nick Kyrgios'

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Rod Laver: 'Suspension might be the only solution for Nick Kyrgios'

Widely considered as one of the greatest players of all time Rod Laver had been the player to beat during the 60s, achieving two Grand Slams and earning the status of global tennis legend. After that incredible generation that he led, The Australians had only a couple of notable players in the men's tennis, with all eyes set on young Nick Kyrgios some six of seven years ago, hoping to get the next big star in the Canberra native.

Capable of beating everyone on the Tour, Kyrgios has won six ATP titles so far, two of those in 2019 that has also seen some of the worst tantrums in the history of the game, irritating both the rivals and the chair umpires over and over and forcing ATP to react after that terrible display against Karen Khachanov in Cincinnati that cost him a lot of money and a possible suspension.

Speaking about Kyrgios, Laver acknowledged the incredible abilities of his young compatriot but also complete lack of discipline and other elements that make a successful tennis player. Also, the legendary player is confident Nick would bring his best tennis at the upcoming Laver Cup in Geneva, defending the colors of Team World against Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

"Whatever they have done hasn't worked so far, so maybe a suspension is the only answer," Laver said. "I'm not sure he's learned anything from any of the things that have gone on. Nick is Nick, unfortunately, he could have been, or still could become, a world champion because of his serving ability, his game.

He doesn't want to adhere to the conditions or the umpire. I don't know if he's deliberately aiming for publicity or whether he's aiming at individual things that he wants to accomplish, but that's the one thing he lacks, is discipline.

He's got probably the best serve in the game and so he knows how to win, but he has to apply himself and that's the one thing that's been a problem for him. Nick likes team competition and I think that brings out the best in him at the Laver Cup.

A lot of times you could say: 'Well, how could you pick him when he gets angry?' But, we know him as a different person. He gets into a team competition and you could see when he's sitting on the sideline as they do, Europe and the Rest of the World are there, and he's the one cheering all the team. So he's a huge asset to the person on the court and so it works both ways."