The Dominic Thiem effect: Vienna Open smashes record attendance

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The Dominic Thiem effect: Vienna Open smashes record attendance

66,350 fans attended the Erste Bank Open in Vienna during the ATP 500 tournament, which is 10 percent more than the previous year. The Tournament Director Herwig Straka was obviously very pleased with how the whole edition went.

"Saturday was one of the best days, if not the best in my career as an Erste Bank Open organizer", said Straka who is also Dominic Thiem's agent. The local hero Thiem defeated Matteo Berrettini in a three-set thrilling match.

"On one day where it's 24C outside, a Sunday and during autumn holidays, we would have probably had 2,000 or 3,000 people in the stadium ten years ago. Now we have 9,000 people. Now it has changed. Dominic became a star this year and I think he is helping a lot with the tickets sale.

However, the stadium is too little. We had five packed days and on Sunday we would have had sold the double of the tickets. We are set to build a new stadium within 2025." The cost should be around €250 million and with the new stadium, 20,000 more fans can join.

The tournament can become a Masters 1000 and may replace Madrid, even if the Spanish event's owner Ion Tiriac asked €250 million. The deal with the Erste Bank as a title sponsor is set to be renewed as well. Meanwhile, Loïc Martin, IMG agent, spoke about Daniil Medvedev: "His marketing potential is first of all a sports potential, now he is a world leader.

Daniil has a personality. Look at his speech after the US Open final to understand how fired up he is and how he conquered the New York crowd after the electric start to the tournament! He is the most promising Next Gen player from a marketing point of view.

In terms of image, he is a very smart player who speaks well, speaks fluently Russian, English and French. He is a quality ambassador for his brands. He is not here just to wear a polo, he wants to have long term relationships that make a sense and attend global projects that allow him to increase his reputation and his role as an influencer.

Daniil has bigger popularity and he will be on the top ten rankings for the next ten years. Russia is a very strong market just like Europe. People coming from different countries follow him and his amount of followers is increasing a lot."