Jerzy Janowicz on Tenerife camp, his comeback date

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Jerzy Janowicz on Tenerife camp, his comeback date

Former world No. 14 Jerzy Janowicz was happy with the work done with coach Gunter Bresnik at a camp in Tenerife as he is preparing to make a comeback to tennis after missing the last two seasons. Ever since his breakthrough campaign on the Tour in 2013, the Pole hasn't been able to stay healthy for a longer period of time as he has already had a couple of unsuccessful comebacks to the game.

Though Janowicz retired his quarterfinal match at the Bratislava Challenger in November 2017 due to a knee injury, he hoped it wouldn't be a major setback, but instead of returning to action at the beginning of 2018, he spent two full seasons sidelined.

Per Marek Furjan, Janowicz said the camp "was good" and he felt "happy" with how it all went but coach Bresnik advised him to skip the Australian Open qualifying and instead return to action at a Challenger event at the end of January or the beginning of February.

2013 Wimbledon semifinalist Janowicz is set for more hard training this offseason as he will spend two weeks at Bresnik's camp in Austria this month.